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Envision, who have been long term design partners to the DHBIA, were engaged to create design concepts to show how the tower might come to life, creating a local monument, combining placemaking with technology that would mark the DHBIA territory and served as a beacon of their pride in the neighborhood.

This was a considerable design and engineering challenge – the Tower is over 60 years old, structurally weak and not easily accessible.

After a detailed design and engineering process, Envision created an exoskeleton structure which mounted a giant DHBIA glass sign, 40 feet in the air, supported by steel beams integrated into an 18inch concrete base. The lighting is controlled by a DMX controller, which automatically turns on and off at dusk and dawn and progresses through a controlled light show that lights up the cross beams.

At Envision, we specialize in design and engineering highly complex signage and fixtures. We are proud of the radio Tower regeneration project, and incredibly thankful to the team at DHBIA.

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